The following is taken from Swiss theologian, Maurice Zundel’s With God in Our Daily Life:

It is a fact that in his own life, the Lord reveals to us the dimension of our own lives, the dimension of the world, the grandeur of creatures in order to invite us to enter into it like the creatures who know that the most infinitesimal reality, an atom, is already a repository and a revelation of the divine presence.

It is a matter of giving a new value to our life, to every one of our gestures and of living it as a constantly renewed communion. For it is through these acts accomplished out of love that the face of God will take all its form in our hearts and that we will know him. For knowing God is not a matter of racking one’s brains about his attributes; knowing God is to meet him because He is born in our heart at the very core of our labour. That is the meaning of sacrament. The bread will become the Body of Christ because the whole life can become the manifestation of the divine presence.

If we bring this sense of the value of life to each of our days, each moment will seem so precious to us that we will be able to commit ourselves to it completely. Every gesture posed by a Christian is a royal, infinite, eternal act – and that is what makes the whole beauty of a divinized life; it is so great that we can become totally committed to it. It is so beautiful that there is nothing beyond it to which we might commit ourselves.

Every act is a host in our hands which, through our love, is transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus.

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