Welcome.  That’s a welcome to both you and me.  I haven’t ever blogged before so you’ll have to bear with me as I figure out what I’m doing here.  This site is meant to be a collection of thoughts, prayers, memories, stories, jokes (most likely puns), and whatever else happens to make it onto the screen.  Okay, there; I’ve used it – the cliché blog disclaimer about the future content of the page.  The first few things sound like good ideas now, but who knows… Maybe in thirty minutes, I’ll wish I hadn’t said that.  That’s why I had to throw in the “et cetera” at the end.  So basically, as I’ve broken it down, this blog is meant to portray literally anything and quite possibly may not have any coherency at all.  One thing is certain however, the theme of this blog will undoubtedly revolve around Catholicism.  If things go as planned, there will be questions and responses, history and trivia, and most importantly: the grace of God to keep us moving.


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